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Architecture of Radio: App zeigt Funk-Strahlung

Man spürt es, aber man sieht sie nicht: Strahlen von Routern, Satelliten, Sendemasten. Eine App visualisiert, wie viele Daten durch die Luft rasen.

Data Scanner v 0 2 HD (Architecture of Radio)

Architecture of Radio - программа дополненой реальности созданная голландским разработчиком, для наглядной демонстр...

Review Architecture of Radio on IOS

Review Architecture of Radio on IOS. The Architecture of Radio is a data visualization, based on global open datasets of cell tower, Wi-Fi and satellite locations.

architecture of radio

architecture of radio

The Architecture of Radio App lets you see the radio and wifi waves around you

We take a look at an augmented reality app that lets you see the invisible waves around you.

Architecture of Radio - APK Review

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The Architecture of Radio from Bangkok

Found a neat little app called "The Architecture of Radio" on iOS today It uses your GPS location to map the digital world around you based on millions of ...

Architecture of Radio App Beautifully Visualizes Electromagnetic Activity

Gorgeous iOS application that enables you to see the WiFi New iOS Application Architecture of Radio, observing architectural infosferës building and shows the ...

Architecture of Radio

The infosphere* relies on an intricate network of signals, wired and wireless, that support it. We are completely surrounded by an invisible system of data cables ...

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